Scottish National Show 2018Scottish National Show 2018

  • Robert Currie Snr Show champion

  • Robert Curie Snr Champion Rock

    Robert Currie Snr Cockerel winner

  • Davey McVey Champion opp size

    Davey McVey Opposite size

Date: Jan 2018

Judge: John Grubb

2018 Scottish National Poultry ShowJudging Report –

Bantam Trio

1st – K R Howard – A fair trio of barred bantams.

Large Barred Male

1st – D A McVey – A beast of a bird! Best all round, good type and barring

2nd – R G Thomas – Not the type and size of first placed bird

3rd – M & R Neil – Light in colour, missing tail feathers

Large Barred Female

1st – D A McVey – Best for type, size and barring – Reserve Best of Breed / Best Opposite Size

2nd – R G Thomas – Good type and barring – eyes not as bright as first – slightly sunken

3rd – J Wall – Smaller bird, lacking type of first two

4th – M G Grogan – As above

Large Buff Male

1st – T G Napthine – Poor undercolour but stronger type than second

2nd – T G Napthine – Better undercolour, poorer type

Large Buff Female

1st – T G Napthine – Decent effort

Large AOC Male

1st – D A McVey – Partridge – Super type, size and markings – Best Opposite Sex Large

2nd – D A McVey – White – Tail a little high, well put down

3rd – R G Thomas – Silver Pencilled – Poor head, not as good a bird as first two

Large AOC Female

1st – D A McVey – Partridge – A little dark in ground colour but nice type, conditions and markings

2nd – D A McVey – Partridge – Similar to first, beaten on size

3rd – D A McVey – Silver Pencilled – Not as well marked as first two

Bantam Barred Cock

1st – K R Howard – Fair type, few black feathers

2nd – D & S Jarman – Average type, lacked fitness and leg colour

Bantam Barred Cockerel

1st – R Currie – Great type and barring, wings carried slightly low – Best Opposite Sex

2nd – G W Mackenzie – Leggier than first, nice barring

3rd – M Clemens – Low tail, barring good4th – R Currie – Barring not as straight as first three

Bantam Barred Hen

1st – J W Weatherup – Average all round

2nd – D Nixon – Poor type

Bantam Barred Pullet

1st – R Currie – Best type and barring, fit and in good feather – Best of Breed, Best Barred

2nd – R Currie – Similar to first but beaten on type

3rd – G W Mackenzie – Fair bird, not type of first two

4th – K R Howard – As above

Bantam Buff Cock

1st – T G Napthine – Good head, even colour, good condition – Best Cock or Hen

2nd – A McCarthy – Good colour, nice head, well put down

3rd – B Slater – Decent colour, not the type of first two

4th – A McCarthy – As aboveBantam

Buff Cockerel

1st – G P Macaulay – Nice type, colour good except dark tail

2nd – T G Napthine – Decent colour and head, not type of first

3rd – T G Napthine – Fair all round4th – J G Lyons – Needed more condition

Bantam Buff Hen

1st – J G Lyons – Nice, even coloured hen

2nd – A Kirkpatrick – Decent type and colour, comb over the top

3rd – A McCarthy – As above with side sprigs on comb4th – A McCarthy – Poor head but otherwise fair all round

Bantam Buff Pullet

1st – T G Napthine – Good type and colour – Best Buff

2nd – T G Napthine – Similar to first

3rd – A McCarthy – Not type and colour of first two

4th – G P Macaulay – As above

Bantam White Male

1st – D & S Jarman – High tail, lopped comb, pale legs

Bantam White Female

1st – C T J Bennett – Young pullet, needs more time – Best White

2nd – D & S Jarman – Lacks type

Bantam AOC Male

1st – C T J Bennett – Columbian – Great type / markings, wings low, comb going over – Best AOC

2nd – C T J Bennett – Black – Not the type of first but a decent enough bird

Bantam AOC Female

No entriesThank you to the club for having me as your judge. A super display of Plymouth Rocks.Best wishesJon Grubb