National Poultry Show 2018National Poultry Show 2018

  • Buff bantam

    Rock Champion Richard Bett

  • Buff Pullet

    Reserve Champion Judith Lyons

  • Barred Bantam

    DP Tucker Barred bantam

  • Large Barred

    Eleanor Russell Best large Barred

  • Large Buff male

    Singleton & Harvey Champion large

  • Colombian

    C & J Bennet tChampion AOC

  • Black bantam

    C & J Bennett Champion Black

Date: 01st December 2018

Judge: Judge Mr. Tom Newbould
Photos by Tom Newbould & Joshua Kittle

JUDGES REPORT – PLYMOUTH ROCK CLUB SHOW, NATIONAL SHOW 2018 It was a pleasure to judge the 2018 Club Show at the National Championship Show, Telford. The Poultry Club have done an excellent job in providing such a well-staged show which seemed to run like clockwork. While the entry was lower than the last time I judged, a real positive was the number of newer or younger members winning classes for the first time. We have had a lot of turnover in both exhibitors and class winners recently, including the loss of two very good young breeders to other breeds. Looking back at the first time I judged the Club Show (1995) only two exhibitors were left from those showing at that event – Kevin Dowrick and Kevin Brown – and they were still in the cards 23 years later which is some going on the dedication front. With the close proximity to the Federation Show, and the rising cost of entries - £5+ per bird now, it is credit to the exhibitors who made the effort to show. I was surprised no Large ‘other colours’ were entered but very pleased with the Large Buff from David Singleton and Sarah Harvey who took Best Large and was a very good example with the required size. The winning Large Barred cockerel for Ellenor Russell was a younger but very good example with a lot of style. Both Barred and Buff bantams showed a lot of variation though were of a good standard. In the Barred bantams, the winning Cockerel and Pullet belonging to Paul Tucker and Martin Clemens respectively were good quality but pipped to the final post for Best Barred by Katie English’s Barred bantam pullet from the Juvenile class which was at 12-o-clock on the day. Jamie and Shirley Hyde and Ellerby won Best Cock or Hen with their Barred Cock which was very fit and well shown. In the Buffs, some birds were not at their very best on the day either for feather (males) or redness in face in females but the four class winners were very well shown indeed. The winning cockerel and pullet were shown at 12-o-clock and high quality and these provided the Club Show Chamoion for Richard Bett with his Buff Cockerel and Judith Lyons with her Buff Pullet. Both Richard and Judith, who also won the Cock class, were winning classes at our Club Show for the first time. Judith told me she had a tough time getting started in Buffs but now certainly has got into her stride. In the other colours, I was very pleased with the overall standard. The Whites were spoilt by faults which are easy to correct, and the Black male could have gone further with more size. The Partridge mustered three entries which were all good quality. A nice Columbian male was very well shown and just needed more size. Finally it was great to see a Pile bantam in the Non-Standard Class which really was a credit to the breeder. No blues were shown but I did have a conversation with a breeder of blues and saw some photos which suggest that next year will be different. A big thank you to my steward Chris Mills who did a great job of the book work and enabled us to get finished in good time. Yours in the Fancy Tom Newbould

Large Fowl Barred Male (6 entries) 1 st E Russell - Stylish bird with very good type and correct shape and colour. Well presented and fit. Still some growing to do but easily the biggest in the class. Wins easily.

Best Large Barred 2 nd Mrs MM Fieldhouse - Still a lot of growing to do but promising bird.

3 rd Mrs MM Fieldhouse - Light male. Barring also rather coarse. Small.

4 th Mrs MM Fieldhouse - Light male. Fit in the hand but sleeping in the pen during the first walks down the line. Small.

Barred female (11 entries)

1 st R G Thomas - Great type and shape with excellent leg colour and well shown. Barring was concentric (rounded) rather than straight/parallel. Won on type, size, and fitness.

2 nd E Russell - Better barring but not the size, type, or style of the winner. Missing some tail feathers.

3 rd E Russell - Smaller bird which lacks the shape and type of the winner. Black bar broader than the white bar.

4 th Jean Wall - Best in the class for correct, horizontal barring. Again, could do with more size and breast bone spoilt, possibly by perching

Others in the class were very small and not of exhibition type

Buff Male/Female (3 entries)

1 st D J Singleton & S Harvey - Biggest bird in the section by some distance. A Buff male of very good type, colour, shape and size. Flyaway comb probably cost him further consideration on Champ Row Best Large, Best Large Buff

2 nd Trevor Napthine - Decent pullet shown fit. Needs more time to mature.

3 rd Trevor Napthine - Similar to 2nd but smaller.

AOC Male/Female (0 entries) No entries – disappointing that we cannot find a single Large White, Silver Pencilled, Partridge, or Columbian for our National Show. One member of the public did ask me if there were any in.

Bantams Barred bantam cock (3 entries)

1 st JD Hyde & SA Ellerby -Good all-round bird well presented in very good feather. Best Cock or Hen

2 nd D P Tucker - Very good breeding cock – wouldn’t show himself in the pen

3 rd Vanessa Owen - Another good breeding cock but missing/broken feathers on the back

Barred bantam hen (1 entry) 1 st JD Hyde & SA Ellerby - Good all-round hen. Shame she had no competition

Barred bantam cockerel (7 entries)

1 st D P Tucker - Wins the class by having the correct tail carriage and topline shape. Very nice cockerel with a neat head and good colour/barring. Flights poor on one wing.

2 nd Martin Clemens - Very fit bird, well shown with good barring. “Down-tailed” - holds tail towards the floor and lacks finish to tail.

3 rd Martin Clemens - Well shown, very fit. More silvery in the hackle. Also “Down-tailed” - holds tail towards the floor and lacks finish to tail.

4 th JD Hyde & SA Ellerby - Lacks front and no finish to the tail.

Barred bantam pullet (11 entries)

1 st Martin Clemens - Very good pullet, with the required size, depth and breadth for a heavy breed. Good leg colour and barring. Reluctant to stand in the pen so would not show off shape.

2 nd S Chandler - Another very good pullet unlucky not to win. She was very well shown, with an excellent topline and sound barring with very good flights. She lacked the depth of body or width of the winner being slightly narrow – needs more time.

3 rd K & J Dowrick - Different style of bird with finer barring. Very good style and topline but again, lacked the depth of body or width of the winner being slightly narrow – needs more time.

4 th Martin Clemens - Another good bird, going over the top. Good body and barring but lacks the end-point finish to the tail – a bit “Wyandotte tailed” This was a difficult class to judge as the top 4 all had qualities without having everything. Combined into one bird they would have had it all.

Black bantam male (2 entries, 1 present)

1 st D J Singleton and S Harvey - A very good bird with correct type and good colour. Very good head. Needed more size to go further.

Best Black Black bantam female (2 entries)

1 st D J Singleton and S Harvey - Better colour, decent type and good size

2 nd C & J Bennett - Decent type, smaller, let down by some purple sheen and dark legs

Buff bantam cock (3 entries)

1 st Judith Lyons - Very well presented cock with good type and very good colour. Showed himself in the pen. Smaller bird, needed more body to go any further.

2 nd Trevor Napthine - Good breeding cock not back in best of feather yet. Sound but wouldn’t stand.

3 rd Trevor Napthine - Similar to above but spoilt by 1 bent toe

Buff bantam hen (3 entries)

1 st Trevor Napthine - Very good type and colour. Shown fit.

2 nd Trevor Napthine - Another with good colour and shown fit. Lacks size of winner

3 rd Kevin Brown - A good hen not far behind. Would have liked better tail carriage

Buff bantam cockerel (8 entries)

1 st Richard Bett - Very good all-round cockerel. Showed himself well in the pen. Very good topline, colour, and type. Small comb fault probably cost him on Championship Row but certainly stood out. Club Show Champion, Best Male, Best Bantam, Best Buff

2 nd Richard Bett - Another very good cockerel well shown. Slightly paler colour. A bit too much comb but not far behind the winner.

3 rd D J Singleton and S Harvey - Another good cockerel sound in all areas and very good in hand. Cut-away in front compared to first two

4 th Kevin Brown - Sound cockerel with good colour and type but too much comb for the size of bird.

Buff bantam pullet (10 entries)

1 st Judith Lyons - Very good pullet with the correct type and shape. Lovely colour. Wins on colour and fitness. Reserve Champion, Best Female

2 nd Kevin Brown - Good pullet sound in all areas but pale in face

3 rd Kevin Brown - Good pullet, sound for colour and type, pale in face. A bit “keely” in hand.

4 th Trevor Napthine - Would have been the winner a month earlier. Best for size, depth and body. Sound but just over-the-top with top colour a bit patchy.

This was a strong class with a few very good pullets just missing out.

White bantam male (1 entry)

1 st JB Dowson - Decent bird of sound colour let down by comb

White bantam female (4 entries)

1 st Richard Bett - Excellent type and colour but badly square shanked. Best White

2 nd JB Dowson - Good type and fit but spoilt by a couple of grey feathers

3 rd Sally Prescott - Good bird but toe nails in need of a good trim

4 th D J Singleton and S Harvey - Nice pullet spoilt by some visible grey/black or flecked feathers

Partridge Male (2 entries)

1 st JB Dowson - Wins on colour and type. Touch nervous. Best Partridge.

2 nd C & J Bennett - Not that far behind but beaten on type and colour

Partridge Female (1 entry)

1 st JB Dowson - Good type, fit, and handles well. Well pencilled but still a bit too coarse compared to Wyandotte or Brahma pencilling. Dark legs.

AOC Male (1 entry)

1st C & J Bennett - Columbian male which was well shown. Good colour and markings. Tail carriage slightly high and comb fault.

AOC Female (1 entry)

1 st C & J Bennett - Silver Pencilled which was fit and well shown. Markings need work.

Non-Standard (1 entry)

1 st C & J Bennett - Pile male which was a very good colour and genuine Rock type with no sign of “Wyandotte”. Nice to see and look forward to the development of this colour.

Novice AC M/F (1 entry)

1 st Toby Treweek - Barred female. Good effort, well shown with good type just lacks beetle green sheen.

Best Novice Juvenile AC M/F (4 entries)

1 st Katie England - A very good Barred pullet with very good type and barring. Shown fit and a credit to the exhibitor. Best Barred, Best Barred Bantam, Best Juvenile.

2 nd Toby Treweek - Another very good Barred pullet. Not far behind but narrow in comparison without the depth of body of the winner. Very good effort It was nice to discover after judging that both of these young exhibitors are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about our breed. I look forward to seeing their future results!

3 rd Katie England - Barred cockerel of correct type and shape. Spoilt by silvery hackles

4 th Katie England - Barred cockerel – light but will make a good breeding bird.

AC Bantam Trio

1 st JD Hyde & SA Ellerby (Barreds) Very fit with bright red faces and sound barring. As a trio they were well matched but had low tail carriage. Best Trio

2 nd . K Brown - (Buffs) Good trio with well-matched females. The females were pale in face which cost them the win.