National Poultry Show 2016National Poultry Show 2016

  • AGM

  • John Grubb Best Partridge Male

  • Martin Clemens Barred pullet

  • Jon Kemp AOC LF Black

  • Jean Wall Barred LF pullet

  • Jean Wall Barred pullet

Date: 19th - 20th November 2016

Judge: James

Club Champ.  Robin Ramus Buff cockerel
Reserve and Best Large   Jean Wall - Large barred pullet. This was also Champ.Ladies exhibit in the Show.
Best cock or hen - Tom Newbould
Best Juv. Thomas Newbould  barred bantam
Reserve Best Juv. Sarah Harvey barred bantam
Best Trio Hyde and Ellerby
Best black David Singleton
Best white  Barry Green
Best Partridge  David Singleton
Best barred bantam  Martin Clemens
Best Large Buff  Trevor Napthine
Best Novice  Duncan and Lucy Alford
Best Eggs  C.J.Bennett