A popularity among the masses of poultry keepers that is as wonderful as it is universal places the Plymouth Rock foremost and makes it pre- eminent as a breed in the poultry world A popularity questioned by none and admitted by all not the result of a mere freak of public fancy, it has it's foundation on merit.

These fowls are profitable as egg and meal producers as all the purpose fowls and for those who succeed in producing the best type of plumage as fancy fowls. To these qualities must be added their rugged constitutions, mild dispositions and their adaptability to confinement and domestication AC Smith, (USA, 1919)

This statement made over 80 years ago but still apt today, summarises the attributes which ensue Plymouth Rocks will always be at the forefront of the poultry fancy. Whether as productive or exhibition birds or both not only in Britain but throughout the world.

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