Club Shows 2018Club Shows 2018

  • Peter Sharp Northern

  • Peter Sharp Northern

  • Richard Everatt Northern

  • Richard Everatt Northern

  • Trevor Napthine Northern

  • Kevin Dowrick Reading

  • Jame Weatherup Ulster

  • Kelsey Howard Dromore

Date: Sunday 28th January 2018

Judge: Jon Grubb
Apologies for the brevity of this report. I stood in as the judge here at the last minute and also had the Soft Feather Light Bantams to judge. A nice show of Rocks on the whole, Buffs were strongest here and there were one or two nice examples among the ‘other colours’.

Large AC M/F

1 – R A Everatt (Silver Pencilled)

2 – D Singleton (Partridge)

3 – T Napthine (Buff)

Buff Bantam Cock or Hen

1 – T Napthine

2 – T Napthine

Buff Bantam Cockerel

1 – T Napthine (Best of Breed)

2 – A Burnett

3 – T Napthine

Buff Bantam Pullet

1 – T Napthine

2 – T Napthine

Barred Bantam Cock or Hen

1 – C Bennett

2 – C Bennett

3 – A Burnett

Barred Bantam Cockerel

1 – G Seedall

Barred Bantam Pullet

1 – G Seedall

2 – A Burnett

White Bantam Female

1 – D Singleton

AOC Bantam Male

1 – C Bennett (Columbian)

2 – J B Dowson (Black)

3 – A Burnett (Columbian)

AOC Bantam Female

1 – A Burnett (Columbian)

2 – J B Dowson (Partridge)

Kevin Dowrick Reading & District Bantam Classic Feb 2018.

Best of Breed - K R Dowrick Black Female,

Reserve Best of Breed - K Brown Buff Male.



Ulster Poultry Federation 2018

1st  bantam female James Weatherup 


Dromore Show 06/01/18 Results

Barred rock male 4 entered
1st kelsey Howard 
2nd kelsey Howard 
3rd kelsey Howard

Barred rock female 6entered
1st James weatherup (Best rock )
2nd kelsey Howard 
3rd James weatherup

Buff rock male
1st Judith Lyons

Buff rock female 
1st Judith Lyons