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The first club for Plymouth Rocks was a combined Effort called "The Leghorn, Plymouth Rock and Andalusian Club" and was founded in 1886. In 1895 "The Plymouth Rock club" was founded as a separate club for Barred Rocks only.

Buff Rocks were imported into this country from America by the late James Bateman in 1897 and were absorbed into this club in 1900, later white rocks were included. After a few years there were differences in opinion regarding the varieties and separate clubs were founded for each.

They were The Barred Rock club; The Buff Rock Club, and The White Rock Club, in addition separate clubs were founded in Wales and Scotland, and in 1912 The Plymouth Rock Society. In 1910, a section for Barred Rock bantams was added to the club, and in 1920 a section for Buff Rock Bantams was added to the Buff Club, later a Club was founded for Barred Rock Bantams called "The Barred Rock bantam club".

In 1945 another club, The Plymouth Rock Bantam Club was founded which catered for all varieties of bantams. In 1933 the Buff Plymouth Rock Club was founded, with laying tests as the main object, but eventually an exhibition section was included.

Over the years various clubs realised they could not function successfully on their own and one by one returned to the parent club. In 1923 The Leghorn, Plymouth Rock and Andalusian was incorporated, to 1926 The Buff Rock club (original) and The White Rock club.

In 1944 The Plymouth Rock Club Society, in 1950 The Barred Rock Bantam Club, in 1951 The Plymouth Rock Bantam Club, and finally in 1964 The Buff Rock club (1933). So after seventy years we are back where we started with the first one club for all varieties of Plymouth Rock, large and bantam, how long shall we continue? If commonsense prevails as long as the breed exists surely, differences of opinion can be resolved around a table. Let us bear this in mind and all work together to maintain a strong and virile club.

Reference The Plymouth Rock club Year book of 1965.Written by T A Dennison.